One of the best places to visit if u want to achieve your target. I lost 10 kgs, not only did I lose weight, I gained self confidence, healthy lifestyle habits and a glowing skin. Ramisa Punjani’s approach towards weight loss is such that you won’t feel you are dieting, you will feel as if you are just trying out new recipes and new taste. I was very very satisfied and happy with results. Cheers Ramisa !!

Name – Juweriya Imran

The most ideal way to healthy living….BENEFITS all age groups..(weight loss or weight gain) RAMISA PUNJANI Excellent results..!! great work!!

Name – Farah

Have lost almost 15 kgs, thanks to doctor’s efforts and dedication. I am really feeling light and cheerful.

Name – Aliya Merchant


Lost 10 kgs and 7 kgs fats and 2 kgs visceral fat and considerable inch loss of 7 inches with diet and exercise and no medicines. Thanks to diet and exercise regime from nutritionist and Reebok fitness instructor Ramisa Punjani.

Name – Talmeez Anwari



My experience with Ramisa has been amazing. After my first delivery via c section I had really put on piles of kg on my body which had lead to lack of confidence n depression. I than consulted Ramisa for sum nutritive diet plan which would help me loss sum weight n also does not hamper my breastfeed and believe me it was worth visiting her without compromising much on my eating habits I lost 10 kgs in span of 4-5 months. Her diet has got lot of discipline in my overall eating habit n life style. I suggest all u ppl to visit her for sure. Wishing her all the best.

Name – Mittal Patel